Reduces Insurance Rates by Up
23% or more in just 3 Minutes

Reduces Insurance Rates by Up
23% or More Across These Policies

High Insurance Rates Hurt Your Profitability
& Your Business

Sadly, insurance companies generate enormous profits from businesses every year via overpriced policies. Hidden middlemen in the value chain are the primary cause of high insurance rates, that’s where Lower Your Insurance Rates Guaranteed comes in.

  • Paying High Insurance Rates Hurts Profits
  • Dealing with Unscrupulous Insurance Carriers that Unlawfully Deny Claims
  • Difficulty in Finding Better Insurance Carriers and Rates
  • Current Carriers Not Looking Out for Your Best Interest
  • Sudden & Steep Increases in Insurance Rates

Sadly, insurance companies generate enormous profits from businesses every year via overpriced policies. Hidden middlemen in the value chain are the primary cause of high insurance rates, that’s where
Lower Your Insurance Rates Guaranteed comes in.

We Can Reduce Your
Insurance Rates By
23% or More, Fast

Conventional insurance brokers are the worst way to procure insurance: they gain enormous fees by locking in policies that are fraught with middlemen, unnecessary add-ons, and the wrong carriers for your needs. Our process cannibalizes the value-chain of insurance procurement, eliminating the hidden middlemen fees and matching you with the right carriers with precisely the correct policy…saving you 23% or more on your insurance.


Unnecessary Annual Middle-Men Fees
and Add-ons


Wasteful Fees & Commissions


Expensive Rates with 23% or Lower Rates


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Just follow these 3 simple steps to start the process of lowering your insurance rates across multiple categories.

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    Our proprietary algorithm determines the policy that has the lowest rates.

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    Your Insurance Rates is Lowered,

    We help you lower your insurance rates up to 23% or more across categories.

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Our laser focus is on reducing your insurance rates by up to 23% or more, and
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We guarantee that we’ll lower your insurance rates by up to 23% or more.

Lower Insurance Rates
Across Multiple Platforms

Our technology removes middleman fees & finds you a policy with lower rates.

Customer Testimonials
Lower Insurance Rates

Very happy with the results. The process took a little longer than I would have appreciated, but I ended up saving a substantial amount of money on my insurance policy and was actually able to get additional coverage. Highly recommend Lower Insurance Rates Guaranteed.

John K., Owner

Recruitment Services

I’m very grateful for the services that Lower Insurance Rates provided our company. Insurance is critical in our industry as it is very litigious, and as such our insurance rates are always on the high end. I spent 10 minutes working with LIRG and got a reduction of 28% on our insurance rates. It was nice to see an insurance company look out for our business like they actually cared and weren’t in it just for a profit.

Laura H., Owner

Beverage Brand

Bottom line is that my insurance rates were lowered across the board with the same policy in place. I don’t know how you guys did it but I am very, very happy.

Harold M., CEO

Auto Parts Manufacturer

I’m saving approximately $17,000 a year on our General Liability & Health Insurance policies now. The process was really easy to go through, thank you LIRG.

Mike S., COO

Fast Food Restaurant Chain

I hate insurance companies so any change I get to save money on the mandated policies we have in our industry I take. I was pleasantly surprised by how much money I saved with Lower Insurance Rates Guaranteed. A win for the good guys.

Richard D., CEO

Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

The BEST! Absolutely love these guys, saved me almost 30% on my insurance rates.

Shannon L., CEO

Clothing Manufacturer

These guys are the real deal. They saved me around $8k annually and it was a painless process.Work with them.

Hunter L., Owner

Apparel Manufacturing

After a few questions and providing a copy of my policy, LIRG saved us 22% on our insurance rates. They also eliminated some unnecessary coverage that we had and loaded us up with some coverage that was needed.

Terrance W., CLO

Hotel Chain

LIRG got the job done for us. Fast and results driven process that lowered our insurance rates saving us over $30k annually on our policies

Alejandro R., Owner

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

When I needed my insurance carrier the most, they previously denied a critical claim we submitted. Honestly it’s a dread dealing with these carriers, they’re quick to take your premium and fast to deny your claim. Our industry mandates we have certain coverages, otherwise I wouldn’t waste the money. Used LIRG to get lower rates on the mandated policies, it worked.

Matt O., CEO

Bar Owner

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